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We provide you with access to capital so you can take your business to the next level.

Working Capital

This type of funding is especially beneficial to companies that don’t have stable revenue throughout the year. Use these funds to cover short-term financing  needs such as:

  • Payroll
  • Rent
  • Bills


Entrepreneurs and business owners looking for growth can utilize financing to expand their businesses. Expansion funds can be used to:

  • Hire new staff
  • Become a franchise
  • Open new locations
  • Add new product/service
  • Get new equipment
  • and more…

Cash Flow

We understand that many businesses experience uneven cash flow throughout the year.  Getting a loan to even out your cash flow can be very beneficial to sustain your business growth trajectory.

Stock and Inventory

Use financing to replenish your inventory before you run out.  Keeping stock levels up will keep you selling.  Don’t keep customers waiting on back order because of a lack of funding for inventory. Make more sales using available financing options.

Renovation and Equipment

Your business’s physical appearance should reflect your company’s core values. Use a business loan for renovation projects.  Refresh the look of your location. Invite more customers by renovating your location.  Equipment is just as important. Use funds to buy new or upgrade your equipment. Take out an equipment loan to grow your business.

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